Rockdale San Gabriel/Rice/Alcoa Water Street Improvements

San Gabriel/Rice/Alcoa Water & Street Improvements

This project was necessary for the community of Rockdale and KSA was able to provide services to repair the worn down road condition that had severe cracking on the slab work. Reconstruction of approximately 1,900 linear feet of San Gabriel Street with curb and gutter replacement as well as the installation of approximately 1,900 linear feet of 12-in water main, and 1,400 linear feet of 6-inch water main along Rice Street were designed by KSA engineers.

Before design, surveying and geotechnical consultants were used to created topographic drawings and cut-sections for road replacement. The fragile nature of the existing asbestos cement pipe and the limited ability to tie-into it were important to keep in mind during the design process. The KSA team was able to find a way to reuse the current street signs that were installed inside the curb and gutter more than 30 years ago. Detailed instructions were laid for the contractor to chip out the existing steel signs from the existing concrete by selective demolition techniques, then re-embedding the sign into the new curb and gutter. After a value engineering phase, some of the scope of work was eliminated to keep the project under budget.

City of Rockdale
Joncie Young, P.E.
Bob Lane, P.E.
Project Manager