Wastewater Collection Interceptor

Westside Collector & Interceptor

Westside Collector & Interceptor Sewers Bastrop, Texas Design is currently underway for the construction of approximately 25,000 linear feet of new sanitary interceptor sewers that will serve a new 2.0 mgd wastewater treatment plant for the City of Bastrop.  These new interceptors will serve the western portion of the City and range in size from 12 inches to 42 inches in diameter.  Approximately 30 permanent easements will be required for installation of the lines.  In addition to the design of the interceptors, KSA is providing the surveying and metes and bounds description for the acquisition of the easements.  Other KSA services include all environmental permitting and geotechnical testing for the proposed work.  The estimated cost of the interceptor work is $14 million.  

Project Owner
City of Bastrop, Texas
Project Manager
Chris Aylor, P.E.
Project Scope
25,000 Linear Feet of New Sanitary Interceptor