Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab Mount Pleasant Texas

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Mount Pleasant, Texas

KSA was hired by the City of Mount Pleasant to move the existing discharge approximately 2.5 miles downstream on the existing wastewater treatment plant and increase the plant capacity from 2.91 MGD to 5 MGD. Plant capacity will be increased by adding an additional treatment train adjacent to the existing treatment units. Planned improvements include:

• Construction of new influent lift station with splitter box
• Modifications to existing influent lift station and plant influent piping
• Construction of new influent channel with two new screens and one manual bypass
• Construction of one new grit removal system
• Construction of two new aeration basins, blowers, and air piping
• Construction of two new final clarifiers
• Replacement of existing final clarifier mechanism
• Construction of new filtration basin
• Construction of new chlorine contact chamber
• Construction of new effluent lift station
• Installation of two dewatering presses
• Construction of waste activated sludge/ return activated sludge pump station
• Replacement of existing chlorination system with new chemical building
• Demolition of existing traveling bridge filters and chlorine contact chamber
• Site grading, concrete paving, curb and gutter, piping
• Construction of 12,500 linear feet of 24 inch effluent force main
• SCADA upgrades, electrical Improvements, and backup generator
• Replacement of two existing influent screens
• Sludge storage pump station improvements

Project Manager
Brittney Smith, P.E.
Project Owner
City of Mount Pleasant, Texas