Surveying Grand Prairie Texas

Surveying Downtown Main Street Improvements

Along Main Street, between Center and Collins streets, KSA was hired to make sidewalk and roadway modifications that included lighting, striping, landscape and drainage improvements. The goal of this project was to create a pedestrian friendly, truly urban experience in the old downtown area of Grand Prairie. Before any designs were made, surveyors from KSA performed a topographic survey to measure and determine the lay of the land. The timeliness and accuracy of the topographic survey was critical in the planning and designing process for the streetscape improvements along Main Street. The topographic survey serves as the groundwork for everything that follows. Without accurate survey documents, construction efforts for this and other projects like this will almost assuredly encounter delays, misaligned design elements and may even require the removal and reconstruction of costly design amenities. 

Grand Prairie, Texas
Project Manager
Chris Barry, P.E., PMP
Dave Crim, RPLS
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