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Municipal Services


We provide civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services for community facilities, such as water and wastewater treatment plants, street and drainage improvements and recreational facilities. We commonly assist cities with the development of capital improvement plans for infrastructure needs. We utilize all our resources to provide long-term, high-quality, functional solutions.

Adequate water supply and wastewater treatment capacity are always critical components of a city’s ability to grow. The way a community handles its water supply is directly proportionate to its health, vitality and expansion. We serve both public and private sector clients in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, water transmission and distribution and wastewater collection systems. We specialize in the modification of existing water and wastewater treatment plants to meet evolving national, state and local treatment standards. Our staff performs all facets of permitting, treatability studies, design, construction administration and operational training.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers focus on providing detailed designs for water and wastewater treatment, distribution and sewage lift stations. Our subsidiary, BLOC Design-Build, LLC, can provide a host of custom-designed instrumentation solutions for water and wastewater systems, including sensors that monitor tank levels, flow meters and automated pump operations. BLOC can program your water and wastewater system to auto-correct and perform sequential or logical sequences to process more wastewater and generate more useable water with less manpower.

Experience with major drainage projects, coupled with the latest computer technology, enables KSA to design and implement innovative drainage solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) procedures for letters of map revision (LOMR) and conditional letters of map revision (CLOMR) coordination. Our use of hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) modeling programs allows us to confirm impacts of drainage modifications to sensitive sites and design sustainable drainage solutions.

KSA has extensive experience in street and road development and improvements, and we work with municipalities and state agencies for street assessments, safe street programs, capital improvement plans, street reconstruction and extension design and other street-related services.

KSA provides architectural design services to local, state and federal entities for health and safety purposes, leisure and employment. Our municipal buildings such as courthouses, community centers, city halls, libraries, fire stations and police buildings serve the citizens of the local community. We provide aesthetically pleasing facilities that are durable with low maintenance finishes.

Architectural Services
Architectural Services KSA Civil Engineering

KSA provided architectural services for this new police station in Rockdale, Texas.


The difference between success and failure is usually in the plan... or the lack thereof. Planning is critical to organized growth. Whether you’re a municipality exploring short, mid or long-range capital improvements, planning is essential. Our planning services for municipalities typically begin with a study or an infrastructure assessment. From there, our experts devise a plan of projects that are thoughtfully prioritized. Our environmental focus is centered on the execution of your project while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our staff leads teams that perform, analyze and report the impacts of wetlands, natural and cultural resources and hazardous materials on each client’s project, evaluating, designing and implementing mitigation plans that are compliant and cost-effective.

Civil Engineering Planning Services
KSA's Municipal Team


Surveying, which is often the first course of action before design starts, establishes land boundaries and topography. KSA utilizes the latest technological advances to provide accuracy in survey measurement and to ensure designs are compatible with the environmental and topographical conditions of the communities we serve. Our surveying and mapping teams work with a diverse group of clients, including private developers, municipalities and state agencies.

Our geographic information system (GIS) specialists regularly work with geo-databases for environmental and infrastructure data management and apply that technology to municipal systems. Our areas of competency include master planning, spatial analysis, GIS 3D analyses, least cost pipeline corridor analysis, flood modeling and flood plain analysis and pipe line corridor planning.

KSA Land Surveying Crew
Land Surveying KSA Civil Engineering

KSA Provides Land Surveying Services.