KSA Architecture

Architecture Practice

As architects, we work hard to understand the unique demands of each client’s project and respond with a comprehensive and innovative design solution. At KSA, we build on our decades of experience while maintaining a fresh, dynamic perspective. Our design process is centrically focused on blending complex technical requirements with creative ideas. We are interested in learning about our clients and providing spaces that are engaging, actionable and dynamic.


With every design, we aim to be thoughtful, secure, sustainable and collaborative using cost-effective materials and techniques. To accomplish all this, project coordination is key. We coordinate seamlessly with all the involved disciplines to make sure the project comes together in a cohesive set of plans. We have a reputation for keeping our clients happy and our projects under-budget.


In addition to having LEED capabilities, we employ a holistic design approach to everything we do. Sustainability doesn’t always have to come in the form of expensive materials; often, it can be woven into simple design choices like exploiting natural energy sources and careful site orientation. At KSA, we find unorthodox and often inexpensive ways to create spaces that will benefit our clients and our environment.


Thoughtful, strategic design choices and material selection can save money long-term. We perform life-cycle cost analysis that help our clients determine how long their facilities will last and which materials ultimately offer the greatest benefit. When corridors in schools, for example, are wider than the standard, they last longer. Of course this costs more, but giving students ample room to pass between classrooms will minimize the incidents of collision and overall wear and tear.