Regional Planning KSA

Community Facility Development

Community and Public Safety

Municipal buildings like fire and police stations, courthouses, community centers, city halls, libraries and airports belong to the community. We work hard to make sure the buildings we design easily entwine into the fabric of the communities we serve. More often than not, municipal buildings are funded by tax dollars; because that money is so precious, we help our clients determine the best course of action, minimizing their financial risk. We accomplish this using programming and feasibility studies. This early work helps our clients establish a budget and flesh-out details like square footage and the number of parking spaces. We also provide schematic designs to help our clients visualize the plan and sell the design concept to decision-makers.

Rockdale, Texas Police Station KSA

Rockdale, Texas Police Station Designed by KSA


We have helped our clients find money. Let’s face it: available funding often dictates between what could be, and what is. This is especially true with municipal projects. Community leaders are often limited because of a lack of funding. We are aware of these issues and have a solution. At KSA, we make it our duty to help our clients find sources of funding so they can pursue much needed projects, in some cases, at no local cost. First, we work with our clients to identify what work is needed. Then, we help them package their needs to present to state and federal agencies for financial assistance programs like grants, loans and bonds. We work directly with grant consultants, municipal financial advisors and leaders to secure the funds to create or improve the structures that serve their communities.

Bossier Parish Courthouse KSA

Bossier Parish Louisiana Courthouse


Municipal buildings like courthouses, police stations and jails require an extra measure of security. Judges, for example, must have private and secure access in and around the courthouse and parking area. These facilities must utilize safe technologies like metal detectors and turnstiles to protect its inhabitants and ensure safe entrance and exit. Our designs strike a delicate balance between security and style.