Readiness Center

Building 801 Replacement - New Readiness Center

KSA Engineers, Inc. & Prevot Design Services APAC, Joint Venture, partnered together to design Building 801 Replacement, Louisiana National Guard, New Readiness Center. The building is comprised mostly of a one-story structure. The gross first-floor area is 39,994 square feet. The main facility is primarily configured into three major design areas: administration, assembly, and support. The administration areas are located at the front of the building. A central corridor connects the front of the building to the rear and terminates at the location of the Assembly Hall. The 228th MP Company will be housed on the plan west side of the building and the B Company 3-156 Infantry will be housed on the plan east of the building. With this separation of space, the two units can function equally even when fully staffed for a drill weekend or can be separated when only one unit is present within the building. This allows for economy of scale/use over the life cycle of the building. These areas are not utilized daily, and this lend well to the building automation system for efficient heating and cooling of the spaces only when required. The front portion of the building forms all the administrative areas for the program. Centrally located within the building will be the lockers/latrines/showers for all personnel.

Adjacent to each side of the Assembly Hall will be the respective supply areas and vaults for each unit. Towards the rear of the building there is also the facility maintenance, janitor space, and the kitchen. All of these spaces will be accessible off the rear of the building from the motor pool area. Program space allocation throughout the building was realized through required adjacencies and main entry proximity prerequisites. Much of the approved program spaces are office-occupancy type. Utilizing the exterior wall for office space was determined most feasible to profit on the natural light and views inherently offered on the interior perimeter of the building. “Borrowed” natural lighting via windows between open office workspace and perimeter offices will be included to assist with LEED points by allowing the most effective use of the natural lighting. The Assembly Hall is a double height space (minimum ceiling height to be 24’-0”) providing a large open area for drill during inclement weather. Two overhead coiling doors have been provided for vehicle access into this portion of the building.


Cost: $17,828,521.00

Start: November 2021 (Construction)

Complete: December 2023

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