Additional Services

In addition to the services provided by our subsidiary companies, KSA maintains an extensive network of subconsulting firms that work as team members with our firm to provide a full range of services to our clients on our projects.  Our goal is to provide KSA’s clients with as many of the required additional services under one agreement as possible. This has reduced the contracting load for our clients and streamlined their projects. Examples of services that can be provided through our network of subconsultants include geotechnical engineering and construction material testing, wildlife hazard assessments, wetlands surveys, and cultural resource investigations.

KSA provides safety related services to the oil & gas, energy, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, chemical, food, and mining industries.  Our services include safety training, safety program implementation, and much more.  For more information on the services that we can provide for your industry, please see the following webpage or contact us at 877.572.3647. 

BLOC Design-Build, LLC -- was founded in 2001 and provides our clients with the options of utilizing alternative project delivery methods such as design-build for their projects. BLOC’s projects have included the replacement of a concrete bridge, the construction of 20 miles of 20” water transmission main and pumping station, a new sanitary landfill, and other projects such as the demolition of an outdated elevated water storage tank.  In addition, BLOC designs, installs, and maintains SCADA systems for water and wastewater systems across the region. We encourage you to visit BLOC’s website by clicking on the logo to the left to learn more about BLOC.