Hunter H. Hilburn, CEcD, EDFP

Hunter H. Hilburn, CEcD,EDFP
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Hunter Hilburn is the Director of Marketing & Business Development for KSA. He joined KSA in September 2014 after working for 19 years in the economic development industry both as a practitioner and as a service provider. As Director of Marketing & Business Development, Hunter's focus is on the overall corporate business development program, which involves numerous projects related to messaging, branding, organization, strategy development, and client relations.

As an economic development practitioner, Hunter has worked on several business park development projects in the east Texas area. As a service provider, Hunter was president and partner of a company called EDsuite that served over 200 economic development organizations in 16 states across the country. While working with EDsuite, Hunter provided online solutions for economic development offices specifically related to listing industrial property within business parks and individual listings. Hunter has been exposed to hundreds of unique situations related to the promotion and development of industrial property.

Hunter was a recent board member for the Texas Economic Development Council, and he currently serves as a board member for the East Texas Regional Development Company. He earned his Economic Development Certification (CEcD) from the International Economic Development Council in September 2003 and has been a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) since January 2001. 

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