Bastrop Wastewater Treatment Plant

Public Relations City of Bastrop Wastewater Treatment Plant

KSA has provided, and will continue to provide, public relations services to the City of Bastrop prior to, during construction and for a period of 24 months after completion of a new wastewater treatment plant in Bastrop. The purpose of the public relations activity is to ensure a high percentage of transparency between the City of Bastrop, KSA, and the general public in and adjacent to Bastrop. In addition, these public relations activities also target the land development community considering Bastrop for future growth.

The public relations strategy coincides with major milestones related to the wastewater treatment plant development. KSA’s marketing team created a variety public relations tools including fact sheets for different topics related to the wastewater treatment plant, a mail out postcard that residents of Bastrop received with important information, and a video that was produced in house that covers the most asked questions regarding the plant. KSA and the City of Bastrop also hosted an open house with technical members of the project team available to answer questions and present information to residents. The content that KSA provided to the City and residents of Bastrop are designed in a manner that can be used in a digital or print form. Throughout the life of the project, additional marketing pieces will be provided to residents to answer questions or provide pertinent information.

KSA continues to actively monitor social media and news publications for comments or questions. The public relations services of the wastewater treatment plant project was to provide abundant information to local citizens in different forms to help ease concerns and answer questions.

Remote video URL

This video gives an overview of the Wastewater Treatment Plant development process currently underway in Bastrop, Texas.