Design Build

In many ways, design-build is a simpler, more economical way to complete a project. The collaborative nature of this project delivery method gives us the opportunity to work closely with the contractor to consider constructability matters and adjust our designs to match the budget. This influence usually lowers the overall construction cost and makes the project easier to build.

One Project Under One Roof

Our experience with the design-build delivery method allows us to simplify our clients’ workload by combining architects, engineers and other professionals under one agreement – with one contract – to complete a project seamlessly.

Good Relationships with Good Contractors

As it is with most things, you get what you pay for. When we enter a design-build scenario, we aren’t looking for the lowest bidder. We team-up with a trusted contractor we are certain can provide quality work. We have developed solid relationships with many contractors over the years. We call on each other regularly to produce projects that are synergistic, on-time and under-budget.

Proof Positive

We have a proven track-record of successful design-build projects. The $32M joint forces headquarters in Pineville, Louisiana is one shining example. In addition to our military work, we have successfully completed design-build projects for financial institutions, corporations, municipalities and entertainment entities. This experience has helped us cultivate relationships with capable contractors and fine-tune our ability to respond quickly and meet deadlines.