We build people who build the future. Employees are our most valuable asset and we strive to prove it through our exceptional benefits package and corporate programs aimed at employee development and engagement. Our career paths create a clear understanding of what it takes to get to the next level within KSA. Take a look around, if you love your work, enjoy changing the world for the better and your professional development is a priority, you will fit right in. Come grow with us.

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The KSA Experience
KSA Cares

As a company, KSA strives to create positive environments and experiences that naturally support corporate citizenship. Our Corporate Citizenship program, KSA Cares, demonstrates the power of positively influencing the communities in which we live and work. Through KSA Cares, the company and individual employees work, give, serve, advocate and volunteer to enrich the lives of those around us.  We focus our resources on initiatives and organizations that make a difference through the energy and passion of our employees.


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Mentorship Program

The KSA Mentorship Program seeks to establish mentoring relationships in which both mentors and mentees contribute to one another and seek to improve professionally and personally. Participants in the mentoring program meet once a month. The initial meeting is utilized to assist mentees in creating a development plan for their career. The program also involves professional development opportunities and leadership training. Young engineers and other professionals at KSA have the unique opportunity to be matched with a seasoned professional to help guide them in career growth and beyond.

The Better Basics

KSA is committed to the health and well-being of our employees. This commitment shines true through the following. 


No cost coverage for employees. KSA offers an HSA plan at no cost to the employee. 

You have options. Every individual and family is different and has different health insurance needs, that's why KSA provides two options for health coverage: an HSA and a co-pay plan. 

Low cost dependent coverage. KSA pays a significant portion (50%) of the cost of healthcare for dependents, keeping the cost to insure your family low and truly affordable. 

No cost vision insurance. Vision insurance is included as part of our healthcare insurance with no additional expense for the employee or dependents if healthcare coverage is elected.   

Affordable dental insurance. Dental insurance is affordable and voluntary. 


KSA has a comprehensive wellness program, free to employees which includes an annual incentive bonus for participation. The program offers healthy recipes, exercise tips, work-life balance advice, wellness challenges, and so much more! The wellness program also includes on-site health screenings.


We've got you covered. KSA provides both life and disability benefits at no cost to the employee. Short-term and long-term disability pays up to 70% of pre-disability earnings in the event that an employee has a non-work related disability. 


Employees may make pre-tax contributions to KSA's 401(k) plan to save for retirement. KSA offers an employer match for a portion of the compensation deferred. A discretionary profit sharing contribution may also be provided. 

Employees are able to manage their account, including contributions and investment options, online and have access to a free retirement investment advisor provided by KSA. 

Work Life Balance

KSA is committed to making the lives of our employees the best that they can be! We understand life happens and have put a benefits system in place that allows for just that. 


Flexible scheduling, or flex-time, is available to allow employees to vary their starting and ending times each day. Remote work is also a viable option for many KSA employees. All flex-time and remote work schedules are created for each employee through an interactive process with their supervisor. The end goal is to create a plan that meets the demands of each employee's personal life as well as working harmoniously with their work team efficiently and productively. 


Employees earn a significant amount of PTO each year. PTO allows for maximum flexibility and can be used for anything requiring an employee to be away from work. 


There are eight paid holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and one "floating" holiday. 


Each year KSA offers paid volunteer time to each employee. 


Other types of paid leave available at full pay are jury duty, military leave and time off to vote. 

Work with Meaning

We are dedicated to making life better in communities. That’s why we work every day to improve the quality of life for our communities by making city halls, courthouses, fire stations, police stations, libraries, community buildings, roads, bridges, water, air, and airports safer.