Alan Phillips, P.E.

Alan Phillips, P.E.
Municipal Team Leader

Alan Phillips is a professional engineer with 30 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering licensed in Texas and Louisiana. Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and his Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. His background includes agency funding (TWDB, USDA, CDBG, GLO), business development, comprehensive municipal water and wastewater facility design, construction management, administration, inspection, and international construction.

Prior to joining KSA, Alan spent much of his career in the central and south Texas area. His experience in water and wastewater is vast and includes membrane and conventional water treatment plants, drinking water intakes, wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations, lift stations, pipelines, and storage tanks. Alan's construction management experience includes water, wastewater, roads, subdivisions, and commercial sites.

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