Blake Powell, P.E.

Blake Powell, P.E.
Project Manager

Blake Powell, P.E., is a project manager for KSA’s Municipal Services. Mr. Powell graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler and has a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Blake is passionate about the projects that he works on because they have a direct impact on the everyday life in communities. Blake is proficient in AutoCAD Civil 3D and has been a member of Water Environmental Association of Texas (WEAT) since 2017. Blake is no stranger to being faced with unique problems and finding solutions that will directly impact communities in a positive way.
Blake has experience with a variety of municipal project types including water distribution lines, storage tanks, water treatment, water wells, sewer lines, wastewater treatment, street rehabilitation, drainage, site development, disaster recovery, planning and permitting. With this project experience, he has worked closely with city officials and government entities.

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