Carrie Melton

Carrie Melton
Director of Finance

Carrie Melton has worked at KSA since 1999 and was recently promoted from Accounting Manager to Director of Finance. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler with a Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration. Carrie oversees all accounting functions and is responsible for maintaining the company financials. When Carrie began working at KSA, she was responsible for everything accounts payable related. “I have pretty much done every accounting function within KSA, I even handled purchasing for a period of time. I also work with the Human Resources team and help with insurance enrollments.”

In addition to accounting responsibilities, Carrie oversees the administration of our company database, Deltek Vision, where KSA records such as project information, employee data and business development documentation is stored and maintained. Carrie is thrilled to be the Director of Finance and appreciates the opportunity and responsibility involved with this role. She loves working with numbers and it gives her a great sense of accomplishment when she can resolve an issue or help answer questions. 

“KSA is a great place to work with the best people. I look forward to all of the challenges and exciting things that lie ahead as the Director of Finance at KSA."

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