KSA Texas Department Public Safety Hangar Edinburg, Texas

Texas Department of Public Safety Hangar Edinburg, Texas

While under a 5 year consulting period with the City of Edinburg, KSA was contracted to provide professional engineer services for the design and construction oversight of a hangar for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). This hangar is located at the South Texas International Airport at Edinburg.

Part of the project scope included the design of a 15,000 square foot hangar. The hangar building consisted of a hangar bay with a total area of approximately 10,500 square feet, and office spaces totaling to 4,500 square feet.

The hangar was completed in June 2019. DPS has approximately 15 personnel housed at the hangar to help support operations throughout the Rio Grande Valley. As part of the design of the project KSA included utilities, vehicle parking, additional security fencing and a secure access gate.

The hangar area was designed to accommodate the various types of different aircraft that the DPS uses on a daily basis, which is predominately helicopters. The overall height of the rolling hangar doors is 20’ tall. To aid the DPS in their operations, special consideration was given to the different types of equipment that the hangar would facilitate, such as, their mobile command center trailer. Utilities were installed that would allow the mobile command center trailer to tie into the electrical and communication utilities of the hangar. The design of the office spaces included bathrooms with showers, a kitchen, an IT room, and specialized rooms to store equipment and munitions.

Project Manager
Craig Clairmont, P.E.
Project Owner
City of Edinburg, Texas
South Texas International Airport
Airport Hangar Engineering, Design, Construction Oversight
Project Completed
June 2019