Austin Bergstrom Spirit of Texas Drive Rehab

KSA was selected by the City of Austin for an airport paving and drainage project located on Spirit of Texas Drive from State Highway 71 to the Active Operation Area Checkpoint, and throughout the Austin Bergstrom International Airport campus. KSA provided topographic surveys for all of the roadway, drainage, and proposed sidewalk locations.

A geotechnical investigation was also performed for the proposed pavement section for Spirit of Texas Drive. A preliminary engineering report was prepared that evaluated the conditions of Spirit of Texas Drive through visual inspections, falling-weight deflectometer (FWD) testing, and geotechnical bores. KSA provided recommendations for the rehabilitation and repair of Spirit of Texas Drive based on the condition evaluation and current traffic counts taken at four locations throughout the road. The proposed locations of each sidewalk segment were evaluated and a drainage analysis with recommendations for the accommodation of the pedestrian infrastructure within the existing right-of-way were proposed. 

City of Austin, Texas
Craig Phipps, P.E.
Project Manager
Grayson Cox, P.E.