Denton, Texas Enterprise Airport

Denton Enterprise Airport Pavement Evaluation

KSA’s services were engaged to determine the current weight-bearing capacity of Runway 18-36 and provide maintenance and rehabilitation recommendations for a 20-year planning horizon.
KSA teamed with consultants to perform non-destructive deflection testing and to determine in-situ soil conditions. Using heavy weight deflection testing, the impact of aircraft loading was accurately simulated and tested. In compliance with FAA regulations for airports completing projects with federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) or Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) grant monies, KSA determined the airport’s load-bearing capacity and assigned it PCN values. Several sections of the runway‘s pavement were found not strong enough to accommodate the weight and configuration-determined aircraft classification number (ACN) of the most demanding aircraft.
After analyzing the condition of the runway against projected aircraft operations, KSA provided three maintenance options that would increase the structural integrity of the pavement to federally approved standards. The revitalization options included a mix of reconstruction and routine preservation plans of varying degrees of cost and complexity. Our ultimate recommendation for rehabilitation included an immediate 3-inch asphalt overlay for a section of the runway, the reconstruction of another section as well as routine maintenance within the next five years as needed totaling approximately $2.8M.

City of Denton, Texas