Uvalde Airport Terminal KSA

Uvalde Airport Master Plan

The Garner Field Airport (UVA) Master Plan will focus on a 20-year development vision for the Airport through the application of FAA Airport Design Standards to appropriately forecast future growth and airport opportunities, both general aviation and industrial expansion. This regional, general aviation airport, located in Uvalde, TX, west of San Antonio, is home to 30 based aircraft. Even with only one based jet, the airport experiences significant transient jet activity through aircraft interior and painting operations, hunting, and to some level, oil and gas activity. UVA is primed for expanded hangar and apron development and a potential runway extension. The City is currently undergoing a strategic planning initiative, the findings of which will be incorporated into the master plan. Critical to the Airport's long-term success, is the need to understand opportunities and present realistic development plans to take advantage of the Airport's strengths, while meeting the aviation needs of the region. To do this, important business planning aspects will be integrated into the study going beyond a typical airport master plan.

After conducting project inventory, preparing forecasts of future aviation activity, and identifying facility requirements alternative development plans were developed. The KSA team facilitated meetings with airport stakeholders to refine the development plans to meet the needs of the smaller general aircraft community, itinerant business jet users, and the on-airport MRO facilities. These meetings were focused on locations for aircraft storage hangars and businesses/tenant expansion.  Meetings were also held with city officials, economic development staff, and TxDOT regarding the need to extend the runway to meet the needs of itinerant business jets.

A large part of the alternatives analysis focused on providing additional runway length needs, as the airport is frequented by aircraft that would directly benefit if the runway was extended by 1,500 feet.  A runway extension would be of benefit to the general aviation MRO facilities as aircraft could depart fully fueled after their maintenance activities were complete. Departing fully fueled is of a direct benefit to the fixed base operator as they will increase fuel sales.  The master plan also contains a compatible land use analysis to help guide the development of appropriate City-owned land around the Airport.

The KSA team is in the final stages of the plan preparation as the recommended development concept is formalized. By engaging airport stakeholders, city leaders, and TxDOT throughout the planning process the airport should easily transition into the design of project contained within the short-term CIP as they have been vetted and justified through the planning process.

City of Uvalde, Texas
Start Date
February 2015
End Date
November 2016
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