Granbury Regional Airport, New Runway 1/19 and Paralel Taxiway

Granbury Regional Airport, New Runway 1/19 and Parallel Taxiway

The City was becoming a growing draw for tourism and had seen significant economic growth, creating a need to expand the airport, including a runway that was long enough to accommodate business jet traffic.

KSA was engaged by the City of Granbury to complete the design package for the new 5,200’ runway and associated parallel taxiway after preparation of plans and specifications had already begun. The original intent was to construct the project in four phases: earthwork, paving, airfield electrical, and fencing.  The earthwork was constructed in Phase I. As part of completing the design, we combined the paving, lighting, and fencing into a single bid package (Phase II).

Another component of our work entailed reviewing design work that was already completed to ensure the quality and constructability of the design.  In performing this task, we identified minor changes to excavation/embankment and the pavement section that resulted in savings of $750,000 on the project. 

During the early stages of our work on the project, we realized that an aerial survey meeting the specifications for instrument procedure development per AC 150/5300-18B would be required to establish the new runway approaches. Necessary deliverables were produced and submitted through the FAA’s ADIP web portal. Significant coordination was required with the FAA for the establishment of the approaches and to ensure that the opening of the new runway coincided with the publication date of the new approaches. The runway was opened on the day the new approaches were published.

The Airport also tasked KSA with a Master Plan Update to guide future development. The master plan identified the need for a terminal closer in proximity to the new runway. The City commissioned an architect to design the new terminal and KSA was tasked with the design of an apron to serve the new terminal. Plans and specifications for the apron were developed and inserted into the Phase II construction package.

A new entrance road to the airport was needed to access the new terminal area.  KSA was tasked with reconstruction of an existing abandoned road that will become the future entrance road to the new terminal. This work also included the extension of water and sanitary sewer utilities to serve the new terminal area.

Project Manager
Chad Pennell, P.E.
Project Owner
Granbury Regional Airport
Design 5,200' Runway and Taxiway