McAllen Airport Taxiway Safety Improvements

Runway 14-32 & Taxiway A Safety Improvements

McAllen International Airport hired KSA for the design of the Runway 14-32 and Taxiway A Safety Improvements project. Improvements primarily consisted of enclosure of the existing deep drainage ditches along both sides of the primary runway and parallel taxiway along with replacement of the existing storm sewer network that crosses under the runway and parallel taxiway that drains the terminal and general aviation areas towards the south. Deriving a multi-year phasing plan to match anticipated funding as well as minimize impacts to the airport operations was a unique challenge.

Coordination with the local drainage and irrigation districts, city engineering department, and airport staff was paramount. Improvements consisted of concrete box culverts, concrete storm sewer (both traditionally installed along with some long runs of trenchless installation of large diameter pipe) and installation of centrifugally cast, glass fiber reinforced polymer mortar pipe for the irrigation district.

McAllen International Airport
Craig Phipps, P.E.
Project Manager
Craig Clairmont, P.E.