Santa Fe Regional Airport Taxiway D Reconstruction

Taxiway D Reconstruction

KSA was recently selected for a multi-year engineering, planning and architecture on-call agreement. Upon notification of selection in late July, KSA immediately began to address projects that were programmed for a FAA fiscal year 2016 grant. We assisted airport management with completing necessary grant paperwork for a number of projects. Our quick turn-around of materials and willingness to begin work immediately, resulted in the airport receiving over $2 million from the FAA. Projects that were evaluated, scoped and brought under grant include the Taxiway “D” Reconstruction. Taxiway “D” was beginning to show rutting and emergency repairs had been required. This taxiway is critical to the airport as it is the parallel taxiway to Runway 2-20 which is, due to its length and width, the preferred runway for commercial service and business jet operations. KSA designed this project in anticipation of a FY17 construction grant.
The original proposal for this project called for the reconstruction of the taxiway in its current alignment. KSA proposed that the taxiway not be constructed in this manner as it does not meet FAA design standards and prevents the ability to expand the commercial service and fixed base operator apron areas. We proposed the taxiway be realigned to provide a standard, full-length, parallel taxiway. Conversations with the FAA and airport management indicate that they agree with our approach and the initial project design will include this alternative.

Santa Fe Regional Airport, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager
Craig Phipps, P.E.