Rockdale Police Station KSA Architecture

Rockdale Police Station

The City of Rockdale has experienced crowding in their police operations based on the existing conditions of the facility.  Based upon this current use and the age of facilities, the city recognizes the need to assess the future of the existing facilities and determine whether or not renovated or new facilities will be needed in the foreseeable future.  In order to accomplish this, an inventory of existing facilities, office space, functions of the Rockdale Police Department, and future projections of space allocation requirements will be accomplished.
At this time, the city of Rockdale Police Department facilities need additional space to meet current needs.  Additional space, with appropriate offices, training areas, and public access is required for the growth and operations of the Police Department.  It should be noted that although adaptive measures have been taken to make the building accessible, the building does not currently meet Texas Accessibility Standards.  KSA will review the condition and operation of the existing Police Department Building currently in use.  Through the development and implementation of a Space Allocation Needs Study, the city of Rockdale has the opportunity to develop a plan that will meet both current and future needs and provide for an overall plan for future growth.  The plan will be flexible in that it will allow itself to be expanded as needed in the future, with any future building(s) or additions and site areas designed to proactively meet future needs.  KSA will also determine the feasibility and cost to renovate the existing facility and also consider the construction of a new facility.
In order to provide complete planning, architectural and engineering services to develop a concept for expanded office space it will require the integration of a wide range of capabilities and disciplines.  Recognizing this, KSA provides a comprehensive, experienced planning and design team capable of addressing all of the needs of the project.  We have the staff resources and experience to develop a functional and cost effective plan for the city of Rockdale’s Police Department needs. 

City of Rockdale, Texas
Joncie Young, P.E.
Project Manager
John Selmer, AIA
Electrical Engineer
Leslie Shaw, P.E
Mechanical Engineer
Jim Holland, P.E.