Army Combat Fitness Test Field

Army Combat Fitness Test Field

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Field, Camp Cook, Ball, Louisiana

This project consists of a new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Field and pre-engineered metal storage building for ACFT equipment. This project includes a new 23,500 sf 1.25” thatched artificial turf field and poured in place rubber playground surface ACFT Field area within the existing running track. The project site was developed to raise the existing sloped site to provide a flat area for the ACFT field. The ACFT artificial turf field supports full ACFT testing requirements that include warmup stations, weightlifting stations, running lanes, pull up bar stations, leadership viewing areas, and other related training.

The ACFT Field is situated inside the existing jogging track to allow for the track to be incorporated into the combat fitness testing.  The ACFT Field was designed with a 1.25” thick artificial turf surface with a thatched base to provide low maintenance and cleaning requirements.  The poured in place rubber playground surface incorporated in the design at weightlifting stations and pull-up bar stations helps to eliminate rutting and erosion over time by providing a cushioned drop surface. This project also includes a new 900 sf pre-engineered metal building that provides support for storage of the ACFT equipment, incorporates an overhead roll-up door for vehicular access, a covered porch, and adds accessible latrines to be accessed from the ACFT Field.

Handicap accessibility has been incorporated to provide ADA access in the latrines and accessible access from the ACFT Field to the storage building.  Site utilities were provided include underground drainage system for the artificial turf, new electrical service, electrical building systems, HVAC systems, and sewer and water utilities. 

Project Manager
Ball, Louisiana