City of Clarendon

Water Line and Elevated Storage Improvements

KSA worked with the City of Clarendon to prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Report. The PER analyzed the existing water distribution system. The City has historically experienced issues with red water from cast iron pipes. The City also experienced issues with low pressure. Another item of concern was the limited amount of elevated storage in the existing system.

The final project scope included approximately 31,000 linear feet of water lines through residential and commercial areas. This line work included replacing old cast iron water lines as well as increasing pipe sizes to improve system hydraulics. The project also included a new standpipe in the eastern part of the City’s system. The contractor was required to remove an existing standpipe and then construct an 110,000 gallon standpipe (approximately 124 feet tall). The third major portion of the project involved replacement of almost every water meter in the existing system. Many of the old meters had exceeded their useful life and were declining in accuracy. In addition, almost all of them had to be read manually. This required an entire crew for several days each month. The project included replacement of approximately 800 residential and commercial meters with new radio read meters. The new system also included new equipment for meter reading. The City went from multiple days required to read meters each month to reading every meter in the system in minutes each month.

KSA assisted The City of Clarendon in obtaining funding from USDA Rural Development. The funding included approximately 35% grant (approximately $1.4 million). The remainder was funded by RD through a low interest loan.