Custer Creek Roadway Improvements

Custer Creek Farms Pavement Improvements

Custer Farms Paving Improvements consists of the reconstruction of the concrete roads that were not done during the summer of 2018. This generally includes the repaving of approximately 4,000 linear feet of Big Horn Trail, 2,335 linear feet of Custer Trail, 440 linear feet of Last Stand Circle, 440 linear feet of Lookout Point, 550 linear feet of Little Horn Trail, 800 linear feet of Calvary Court, and 725 linear feet of Barton Circle; and 750 linear feet of storm drain improvements, 19 culverts improvements, and approximately 5,500 linear feet of ditch improvements.

The roadway section consists of 8” PCC Pavement atop 6” of TxDOT Spec. Flex Base with an underlying geogrid.  Major drainage facility improvements include a modification to an old 42” CMP under Big Horn Trail, 265 feet of 33 inch RCP connecting to TxDOT storm system running under Custer Road, 357 feet of 30 inch RCP to convey stormwater to Rowlett Creek, and 3 triple barrel 18 inch x 28.5 inch Arched Concrete Pipe culverts at the bottom of the watershed.  KSA worked with the City of Frisco to address concerns from residents, mainly in regards to the drainage improvements and the phasing of the project. Along with these major improvements, a couple other items were bid with the project.  Fire Hydrant Reconstruction (9 Hydrants) Dallas Parkway North-bound Embankment Reconstruction