Selma Texas Roadway Development KSA

Deephaven & Yellowbark Boulevard Reconstruction

KSA was selected by the City of Selma to reconstruct Yellowbark Boulevard and Deephaven Drive in the Selma Park Estates subdivision and to resolve a long history of drainage issues along these streets. Based on the results of a geotechnical investigation, approximately 1,500 linear feet of road was redesigned with a new asphalt pavement section. Particular attention was given in this investigation to the causes and prevention of subsurface pavement cracking that is prevalent throughout this area of Selma.

In lieu of the existing roadside ditches that often eroded during major rain events, and that were a common safety and maintenance problem for residents and the City, approximately 2,700 linear feet of varying height concrete curb and gutter was engineered and installed to contain storm water flows within the street. To ensure storm water flows are maintained in the street, this concrete curb transitions seamlessly from a standard 6-inch height to a 9-inch height on downstream outside radii. The right-of-way re-grading and street cross-sections were also carefully engineered to avoid utility conflicts, minimize driveway slopes, and maximize drainage flows within the right-of-way and adjacent properties into the new street section.

After preparation of the plans, specifications, and cost estimates, KSA administered bidding and construction phases to see the project through to successful completion. The awarded low bid amount was 5% under KSA’s project estimate, and the change orders implemented during construction for added scope were requested by the City to take advantage of low cost bid items. The success of this project in resolving a history of drainage problems and providing a safe and durable road for area residents in a cost-effective manner makes it a model for future street reconstruction in the Selma Park Estates subdivision.

Project Owner
City of Selma, Texas
Joncie Young, P.E.
Project Manager
Grayson Cox, P.E.
Project Completed
February 2014
Services Provided
Preliminary Engineering, Civil Engineering Design, Bidding & Construction Administration