Mayfield Road Improvements

Mayfield Road Improvements

KSA Engineers, Inc. has an excellent record of performance in providing engineering services for urban paving and drainage improvements. The City of Grand Prairie called on KSA to design a multi-faceted project along Mayfield Road— a major thoroughfare in the City.

The existing Mayfield Road was a very deteriorated asphalt roadway with very high traffic use due to the direct connection to SH 360 and the proximity of the Traders Village marketplace. KSA designed this project to replace the existing asphalt pavement section with a 5-lane reinforced concrete roadway. Some of the Mayfield Road and SH 360 interchange pavements and traffic signals were replaced in this project which required coordination and approvals from the Texas Department of Transportation. Due to the high traffic volume, the efficient control of traffic during construction was an important part of this project.

The project also provided significant roadway drainage improvements along with some off-site drainage improvements for Traders Village, and the construction of a new large regional detention facility on the property of the adjacent Grand Prairie Municipal Airport. Design and construction of the regional detention facility on the airport property required careful coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Additional elements included in this project were the construction of a new 30-inch water line and the relocation of an existing 15-inch sanitary sewer line as well as numerous service re-connections. Landscaped entry features with parkway landscaping, irrigation and sidewalks were also provided in the design and construction services.

KSA’s professional services to the City of Grand Prairie included field design surveying, legal descriptions for required easements and rights-of-way, roadway, utility, landscape, and drainage design services and construction administration services.


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