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Revitalization of Downtown Longview Streets

As a tenant of downtown Longview, KSA has a vested interest in the success of its revitalization. After the city made great progress restoring century-old structures through a façade improvement grant program, KSA was engaged to update the infrastructure. KSA has been an active participant in the renovation of Longview’s downtown district for two decades. Working with a number of specialty consultants such as landscape architects, urban planners, and architects, KSA has provided overall project management and design services for this very high-profile project. 
KSA participated in planning and ultimately design and construction administration of about 12 blocks of reconstruction. Performed in multiple phases, KSA provided overall project management and design services. In addition, KSA facilitated public engagement for the acceptance and success of the program and to ensure the revitalization met the needs of the community.
Services provided by KSA included publicity and public participation, boundary and topographic surveying, preparation of a ROW map, a geotechnical investigation, pavement design, horizontal and vertical geometrics design, signage and marking design, streetscape, landscaping, and irrigation design, storm sewer design, and the design of water and sewer lines. Streetscape features include gateway pylons, a 15-foot clock tower, ADA-compliant sidewalks, landscaping, irrigation and lighting/electrical. KSA also coordinated with federal, state and local agencies to establish a quite zone for the Union Pacific railroad, eliminating the sound of horns as the train travels through downtown Longview. KSA was fully responsible for preparation of plans and specifications, and the administration of the bidding process and the construction. During the construction phase KSA performed bid services, construction administration, and materials testing. Construction of the final phase began at the end of 2015.

City of Longview, Texas
Services Provided
Public Participation, Boundary and Topographic Surveying, Pavement Design, Streetscape and much more.