St. Paul Lavon Parkway Rehabilitation KSA

St. Paul Lavon Parkway Rehabilitation

The Town of St. Paul selected KSA to provide engineering services for the rehabilitation of Lavon Parkway. The KSA team prepared and developed final design plans for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the roadway, ensuring long-term solutions were
in place.

The issue was that reinforced concrete stones along Lavon Parkway shifted vertically along the west side of the road. The replacements for these reinforced concrete stones were meticulously designed, as well as integral curbs by our team to meet the engineering design standards specified by the City of Plano for interim roadway repair projects. These replacements were carefully aligned with the expansion joints of the existing concrete panels that were to remain in place as well as aligned carefully with the existing driveways. Additionally, the project involved the removal of the existing, deteriorated concrete panels and curbs.

KSA also assisted the Town of St. Paul with the project's bidding phase to procure a contractor. This included preparing bidding documents, advertisement of the project, a publication for public viewing, management of placeholders, conducting the public bid opening, and attending the Award Council meeting. Our team worked closely with the town of St. Paul during the construction phase, conducting site visits during the project's construction phase to effectively address any inquiries or issues that arose.

Project Manager
Abiel Carrillo, P.E.
Project Owner
Town of St. Paul, Texas