Timarron Creek Erosion KSA

Timarron Creek Erosion Improvements

KSA was selected by the City of Southlake to develop long-lasting erosion protection improvements for areas along Timarron Creek within the open space of the Wyndsor Creek Subdivision, located in the Timarron neighborhood. This neighborhood in Southlake is highly sought-after, covering more than 1000 acres. It is a beautiful master-planned community that is further enhanced by the presence of Timarron Creek, which flows gracefully through the area. The city identified three specific sites along the creek where erosion had been observed near sanitary sewer facilities, posing a threat to the city’s wastewater infrastructure. KSA worked closely with the city to plan and design targeted improvements to mitigate further erosion of these areas. Field investigations were completed as well as schematic design, design workshops, resident coordination meetings, and final design.

The project improvements involved a well-thought-out design of long-lasting erosion control measures for each location. At the first location, referred to as Project Site 1, the exposure of a wastewater manhole, caused primarily by overland sheet flow, was the main concern. This concentrated flow also caused minor erosion along the stream bank where the flow enters the stream. At Project Site 2, erosion near the manhole was observed because of an existing storm outfall on the opposing bank and the flow of the stream. Additionally, the formation of a scour hole was evident, which can be attributed to the same issues. The design solutions for these two locations included regrading the swale away from the manhole, as well as installation of silt fencing and turf reinforcement mat. The last area, Project Site 3, was experiencing an exposed sanitary casing pipe for a wastewater line. Improvements to the grading were also made to address this concern as well as the installation of engineered bank stabilization systems, installation of flexmat, and turf reinforcement mat.

After the development of plans, specifications, and cost estimates, KSA administered bidding.
Construction of these improvements was completed in April 2023 both on time and budget.

Project Manager
Abiel Carrillo, P.E.
Project Owner
City of Southlake, Texas