Coit and Glendenning

Coit Road and Glendenning Parkway Roadway Development

KSA was contracted by KFM Engineering and Design to work on City of Celina Roadway Capital Improvement Project commitments associated with the subdivision agreements of the Cross Creek Meadows development within the city. Previously known as County Roads 87 and 90, Coit Road and Glendenning Parkway are to serve as primary growth corridors within the City of Celina’s future throughfare plan. These thoroughfares will connect single and multi-family developments with schools and commercial developments throughout the city. KSA worked with Celina leaders and KFM to plan and design the Coit Road and Glendenning Parkway Roadway and Utility Improvements project which included design of 4,300 linear feet of the outer 2-lanes in an interim condition of an ultimate 6-lane divided thoroughfare for Coit Road, and 1,200 linear feet of 2-lane concrete pavement for Glendenning Parkway, all with standard bike lanes and turn lanes at development entrances. The project also included underground storm sewer design including curb inlets, 750 linear feet of 15” sanitary sewer line, and 1,500 linear feet of 24” waterline design to service the surrounding developments. 

The City of Celina is a rapidly growing community, and with growth comes the need to improve a community’s transportation network. A diverse, modern, and efficient transportation network is a defining factor for living and economic development in Celina. Goals for Celina’s future transportation network include promoting economic growth through investments in transportation, creating a transportation network that connects users throughout the city, designing solutions that preserve natural areas and features, and creating networks that reduce traffic delays associated with growing communities. The level of service on existing rural county roads in areas with planned development are slated to deteriorate with the increase in traffic resulting from new developments, thus the need for roadway capacity and utility improvements was clear.

As part of the transportation goals of high-quality urban designs that preserve natural features and increase mobility, KSA’s engineers worked to design a roundabout at the intersection of Coit Road and Glendenning Parkway, as opposed to a traditional signalized intersection. A challenge with roundabout design is balancing safety by reducing driver speed with related roundabout movements, while also making the roundabout design driver friendly. KSA worked with the city and developed an innovative, driver friendly design while also achieving desired safety and performance goals outlined in the National Cooperative Highway Report Program’s 672 Report titled, “Roundabouts An Information Guide”. 

During the design process, we maintained a proactive approach and coordinated with the project teams on surrounding developments to effectively manage changing conditions within adjacent properties throughout the design process. 

Through our team’s detailed understanding on the latest roundabout design components and performance standards, KFM and their developer team have continued to trust KSA with other important roadway improvement and development projects with roundabout components. 

Several bid packages are already in construction such as grading, utilities, and some roadway components, and we are currently working with the City on securing approval for final design plans. 

Project Manager
Abiel Carrillo, P.E.
City of Celina, Texas
Roadway, Roundabout, Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Management Extension