City of Alpine Street Assessment and Improvement Plan

Alpine Street Assessment and Improvement Plan

KSA was selected by the city of Alpine, Texas to complete a street condition study. The City wanted a complete assessment of the street network and to develop a capital roadway improvement plan to pursue for the next 10 years. This project consisted of three main components. The first part of the study consisted of completing a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) analysis of the City’s roadway network. This involved completing field inspections for every street, and translating our findings to a ranked list of streets by condition. The second part of the study delivered a 10-year annual project plan that will help the overall quality of the city’s system improve over time. The plan includes specific projects with opinions of planning cost to pursue each and every year. The third part of the study provided an assessment of the functional classification of city roads and recommended candidates for possible upgrade to higher classes (local road to collector). We provided updates to Staff, Mayor and Council, as well a presentation of the methodology and initial findings at a public meeting. The full report includes full size maps, ArcGIS web files, and other resources.

We provided block by block recommendations that could be acted on from day one by the city street crews in the first 3 years, while state and federal funding is pursued for years 4 through 10. In an effort to incorporate construction methods that the city was used to using, we found an alternative to longer-lasting improvements. KSA also provided links to ArcGIS Online Maps to the Street Assessment Results and the proposed improvements that can be used on their website or other outlets. In total, approximately 875 street block units were analyzed throughout the study.

The PCI was computed by building a PAVER model that can be updated with future analyses and records of work completed.

City of Alpine, TX
Joncie Young, P.E.
Abiel Carrillo, P.E.
Project Manager