Shriram Manivannan, P.E.

Shriram Manivannan, P.E.
Municipal Team Leader

Shriram Manivannan, Professional Engineer, is licensed in Texas and Canada, with 11 years of work experience in engineering consulting services consisting of water/wastewater systems planning, treatment, collection and distribution system projects. Shriram is a Certified Project Manager with experience in multi-disciplinary projects, some of which include developing and managing project budgets, schedules, assigning project scope and administering QA/QC. He holds strong knowledge in water/wastewater treatment processes, hydraulic analysis, PFAS remediation, risk assessments and dispersion studies. Shriram executes design/build projects with a multi-discipline team of engineers, technicians, contractors and construction staff for the design and construction of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities and pipelines. He has international experience with work in the United States, Canada, Australia and Dubai.

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