Whitney Rivers, P.E.

Whitney Rivers, P.E.
Project Manager

Whitney Rivers, P.E., project manager at KSA is a University of Texas at Tyler graduate with a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering. During her time at UT Tyler, Whitney contributed to a multidisciplinary team on a design project for NASA, and was selected to submit an essay on Ethics and the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Report Card for the ASCE 2011 National Daniel W. Mead Student Contest. Whitney has experience in both public works and commercial land development.
Whitney has a background in project management, and the preparation of plans that include demolition, site, grading, drainage, storm sewer, and utility plans. Whitney has also prepared contracts and bid documents for Capital Improvement Projects. She has hands-on design experience with keystone and limestone retaining walls, preparing budgets and plans, specifications, and bid documents for projects, and the coordinating between contractors and clients. Whitney also has a background in water tank rehabilitation, well field water transmission mains, and water main relocation and construction.

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