KSA Elects New Board Members and Vice President

KSA Elects New Board Members and Vice President

Friday, January 27, 2023, KSA elected a new member to join the Board of Directors, a new Vice President, and two new Board of Director Apprentices. The Board of Directors sets the overall strategies and policies of the engineering, architecture, surveying, and planning consulting firm. Individuals elected to the Board of Directors foster KSA’s core values which include Consistent Integrity, Collaborative Teamwork, Commitment to Excellence, Mutual Respect, and Future Focused.

New Board Member: Michael Mallonee, Aviation Practice Leader

Michael Mallonee joined KSA in 2015 as a seasoned Aviation Planner with several years of experience encompassing aviation planning, grant contract oversight, airport system planning, and regulatory compliance. Previously, Michael managed the aviation planning and education program as a Principal Transportation Planner for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, which serves as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In this capacity, he led general aviation airport system planning and long-range development training. Additionally, Michael led the North Texas Aviation Education Initiative to facilitate regional aviation education programs that will sustain the aviation and aerospace workforce in North Texas.

Appointment of 3rd Vice President: Chris Aylor, Regional Municipal Practice Leader

Chris Aylor, P.E., joined KSA in 1999 after graduating from Texas Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and has dedicated himself to KSA and our clients. Chris was elected to the KSA Board of Directors in January 2018. Chris has served as a project manager for many municipal and industrial civil engineering projects. Chris' experience includes the analysis and design of water and wastewater systems including water and wastewater treatment, water distribution, and wastewater collection systems. He is experienced in roadway and culvert design, storm drainage collection design, business park development, and dam and spillway assessment and design. Chris has dedicated himself to mentoring young engineers and helping them reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. Chris is also currently serving as a member of the University of Texas at Tyler Civil Engineering Advisory Board.

Board of Directors Apprentice Program

Focusing on KSA’s corporate mission, “We Build People Who Build the Future,” in 2022, KSA established an apprenticeship program for shareholders that have expressed interest in serving on KSA’s Board of Directors. The program established 2 apprentice positions with alternating 2-year terms. Unless there are multiple vacancies, as was the case in 2023, the newly elected Board of Directors appoints one new apprentice per year, based on nominations from the shareholders. During their tenure as an apprentice, the appointed shareholders attend KSA’s Board of Directors meetings, contribute to the discussions, and witness how corporate policy is made.

Appointment of Board Apprentice: John Reidy, P.E., Director of Municipal Services

The Board of Directors appointed John Reidy, P.E., Municipal Practice Group Director, to a one-year term as a Board Apprentice. John is a senior engineering director with thirty years of experience with a demonstrated ability to lead large-scale water/wastewater engineering projects, manage business operations, develop new business opportunities, and provide organizational leadership and vision. John represents KSA as the Director of Municipal Services. He oversees all civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering services for community facilities such as water and wastewater treatment plants, street and drainage improvements, and recreational facilities.

Appointment of Board Apprentice: Jonathan Farmer, P.E., Aviation Practice Leader

The Board of Directors appointed Jonathan Farmer, P.E., Aviation Practice Leader, to a two-year term as a Board Apprentice. Jonathan has been with the KSA since 2006. As an Aviation Practice Leader, Jonathan leads a team within KSA that administers the planning, design, and construction phase engineering on a variety of airport and municipal projects. The scope of his work primarily focuses on airports, but he also has experience in stormwater and street improvements and wastewater collection systems.

Both John and Jonathan expressed interest in serving as an apprentice on the KSA Board and will now have an opportunity to serve as potential future members. 

These organizational changes demonstrate KSA’s commitment to our mission, “we build people who build the future,” and are a further step in our company’s long-term leadership transition plan.  Thoughtful ownership and leadership transition is an important part of our strategy, fulfilling our desire to further develop KSA as a company that focuses on our employees’ career development and continues to serve our clients with excellence and grow in a sustainable manner. 

KSA’s leadership is committed to continuous improvement and leaving this company better for future generations.  - 

KSA’s President and CEO Mitch Fortner